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We are taking telemedicine into a new era thanks to Telemedicoin Token!
The world’s first project
tokenizing the
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There is 60,000,000 / 100,000,000 MDH left to buy

Remaining tokens in the distribution

Use of blockchain technology for information security purposes
Support for diagnostics with the use of artificial intelligence
Convenience and flexibility thanks to mobile technologies in medicine

The Telemedicoin project is a modern business and technological model that uses mobile technologies, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology in medicine. Thanks to the innovative concept, we were the first in the world to attempt to tokenize the telemedicine market with the use of Telemedicoin token (MDH). The token is issued by the International Accelerator Of Telemedicine Technologies – the winner of the Finance World Expo Zug Zummit 2019 and the creator of the project’s flagship software – MediHash. MediHash is one of the applications that will be distributed by the Accelerator. Its purpose is immediate registration with a doctor, the use of artificial intelligence for diagnostic purposes and blockchain technology to secure data. MediHash is not the only planned Accelerator application. Thanks to an innovative business model, the accelerator implements a unique Bounty program, thanks to which, in return for an MDH token, it receives the copyrights to programs and source codes. The MDH token also has attractive features for potential investors, such as the adaptation of deposits and lock-ups to prevent the collapse of the exchange rate. We invite you to read the Whitepaper document.

See how artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will revolutionize the global telemedicine market!
Our Token
What is an MDH token?
Telemedicoin Token is a token based on the blockchain technology of the Ehereum network. This is the core of the Telemedicoin project, the source of its financing and the main means of payment. Below you will learn about its main advantages.

Utility token

With the MDH token you will be able to purchase all Accelerator products and services. The token will also allow access to special modules of many applications, such as the AI ​​module in the MediHash application.

Save with deposits

The MDH algorithm automatically assigns its holders a specific number of tokens on a weekly basis. Thanks to this, after a year you will get about 5% of additional MDH tokens. More on deposits below.

Security thanks to the lock’up algorithm

In order to avoid the effect of a speculative bubble and to maintain the value of MDH for as long as possible, we have created a blocking algorithm that prevents the sale of tokens on the token exchange for a specific, limited period of time.

A token related to the hot industry

The MDH token is the core of the Telemedicoin project involving the acceleration of telemedicine around the world. Due to the global pandemic, telemedicine is one of the industries that are of interest to many investors.
How MDH token holders’ deposits work

The example below was prepared based on a hypothetical BTC value over time to illustrate how MDH investments contribute to maintaining the value of the portfolio thanks to the increase in the number of tokens controlled by the algorithm.

MDH token presale
1 MDH= 0,38 USD
Bought 1000 MDH
+5% MDH
Second year - stock exchange listing
1 MDH= 0,76 USD
Owned MDH= 1055 
+5% MDH
Third year - shelf life
1 MDH = 0,76 USD
Owned MDH = 1 112,75

The International Accelerator of Telemedicine Technologies is an entity whose main maxim in financial management is diversification. For this reason, the Accelerator will allocate less than 30% of the profits from the sale of tokens for the purpose of price animation. MDH will then be listed on the decentralized Uniswap exchange.

To streamline the MDH token distribution process, the MDH price is tied to BTC:

1 MDH= 0.000018 BTC
Allocation of funds
  • 28,1% Animacja kursu/ Course animation
  • 17,7% Podwykonawstwo/Subcontracting
  • 11,4% Wynagrodzenia/Salaries
  • 42,8% Prace B&R oraz infrastruktura/R&D works
Allocation of tokens
  • 60% Dystrybucja dla społeczności/ Community Distribution
  • 20% Fundusz rezerwowy/ Reserve fund
  • 10% Wspólnicy i zespół/ Partners and team
  • 5% Doradcy/Advisors
  • 5% Kampania “Bounty”/ "Bounty" campaign
See the plan of our project
Q1 2018
In cooperation with the Nova Medic clinic, the concept of creating the MediHash platform was developed
and the TeleOrtho app
Q1 2019
Obtaining financing under the voucher on
innovation for the creation of mobile behavioral therapy.
Q1 2019
Establishment of the International Accelerator
Telemedicine Technologies. The emergence of the concept of telemedicine tokenization.
Q3 2019
We are awarded the "Enterprise of the Future
2019 ".
Q4 2019
Conclusion of consortium agreements with scientific partners
and institutional.
Q1 2020
Telemedicoin token pre-sale starts on
Latoken international stock exchange. Obtaining
first place in the BEF Roadshow competition.
Q2 2020
Submission of applications for funding from funds
EU projects MediHash, TeleOrtho, Dr Diagnoza
and inter-hospital communication platforms. Commencement of research and development works on
the use of artificial intelligence and technology
Blockchain in telemedicine.
Q2 2020
Obtaining a positive interpretation of the Supervisory Commission
Financial in the field of telemedicine tokenization
by the International Technology Accelerator
Q3 2020
Adapting the telemedicoin concept to the project
deposits and submission of applications for co-financing of works
research under the Innovation Vouchers.
Q4 2020
Implementation of a solution marketing campaign
International Technology Accelerator
Telemedicine. Implementation of application MVP tests
Q1 2021
Release of some solutions on the market
Telemedicine Accelerator. Implementation of application tests
MediHash in conditions similar to real ones.
Q3 2021
Token issue on the Uniswap exchange. Listing on
international cryptocurrency exchange. Publication
the final version of the MediHash platform.
What is the MediHash application?
Conditions profiling
Access to medical history
Quick registration in a medical facility
What are the functionalities of the MediHash application?
Electronic prescription
Instant data exchange
Artificial intelligence
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Our team
Meet our team of professionals!
Adam Mucha

The originator of the project, president of the Polish Institute of Medical Expertise, president of the Center of Technological and Social Initiatives

Karol Gurtat

Co-founder of the project. Co-founder of the Polish Institute Of

MD, PhD Wojciech Glinkowski
Vice President

Professor of Medical Sciences. Responsible for
in the project
coordinating research work on telemedicine solutions.

kowal normalizacja
MD, PhD Roman Kowal

Doctor of Medical Sciences. Responsible for coordinating
in the project
research work on telemedicine solutions.

kotwica normalizowane
MD, PhD Zbigniew Kotwica

Responsible for
in the project
supervising research on neural networks. Doctor
habilitated medicine, associate professor of the University
Technology and Humanities.

EWA foto
PhD Ewa Kłodzińska
Scientific director

PhD Ewa Kłodzińska associate professor, forensic expert in chemistry, head of the Department of Analytical Chemistry and Instrumental Analyzes at the Institute of Sport – National Research Institute. In the project, responsible for research and development works in the field of developing innovative medicinal products that increase the efficiency and cognitive effects of the body.

MD, PhD Elżbieta Kowal

In the project
responsible for coordinating research related to therapy

michał normalizowane
Michał Klima

Experienced attorney-at-law with experience in managing the work of corporate lawyers. Responsible for legal aspects.

Dagmara Kołsut
PR Director

Responsible for public relations and
in the project
contacts with the media. Member of the board of the Amicus Legal Aid Foundation.

Monika Kaczmarzyk
Accounting Officer

Member of the Accountants Association in Poland. European Funds Specialist. Project chief accountant.

Tatiana Yermaliuk

A specialist in the field of PR and branding. Responsible for the eastern campaign in the project.

Paweł Kurnik

Owner of accounting offices in Poland and abroad. Creator of the project. Advisor.

Artur Gębicz

A specialist in the field of IT audits and financial crimes. Project auditor.

Projekt bez tytułu (2) NORMALIZACJA
Jacek Branas

Consultant and trainer for business. Project advisor.

Our Advisors
Experienced advisers are a guarantee of success
Łukasz Paszkiewicz
Advisor, Co-organizer of Cryptocurrency World Expo, responsible for the successes of many ICO projects
Dawid Kustra
Adviser, Co-organizer of Cryptocurrency World Expo, responsible for the success of many ICO projects
Partners and consortium members
We work only with the best
Telemedicoin Token
Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy the Telemedicoin token on our website. If you are a resident of Poland, you can also purchase MDH directly from the company using a paper contract. In this case, it is enough for you to contact us in any way using the contact details provided here.




The final version of the platform along with the mobile application will be published in the third quarter of 2021.

The Telemedicoin token has received a positive individual interpretation of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, in which the supervisory authority informs that the issuance of the Telemedicoin (MDH) token is not subject to the provisions on public offering and the token itself has the characteristics of a utility token.

Before the commencement of the stock exchange issue, all wallets established on the platform, Pro Coin Market and the Latoken exchange can be transferred to our platform, which can be found on our website

Yes. The MDH token can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies after the end of the grace period embedded in the smart contract. The grace period has been programmed for the safety of Telemedicoin token buyers in order to avoid a sudden drop in the value of the token over an extended period of time.

It is possible to sell the entire MDH wallet to another user before the end of the grace period (lock’up) by providing him with the appropriate keys for a fee. Previously, this was not possible for the security of the exchange rate value.

The International Accelerator of Telemedicine Technologies in its product portfolio has not only the flagship MediHash application but also the entire basket of products that will be successively distributed. We hope that the information on the release of new solutions to the market will have a positive impact on the value of MDH. The product basket includes platforms for diagnostics based on genetic information, conventional medical solutions, hardware and software solutions.

Do you have additional questions related to our project that you did not find / answered in the FAQ above?
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