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International Accelerator Of Telemedicine Technologies
Who we are?

We support the development of telemedicine in Europe and in the world.

The telemedicine market is currently one of the most promising. Its multi-trillion increase in value and the increasing demand of patients and medical institutions indicate that its development is inevitable. For this reason, the International Accelerator of Telemedicine Technologies was established. The entity that supports the creators of telemedicine products, provides them with support at the stage of research and development and commercialization. Thanks to the creation of an incubator fully focused on one selected market segment, we are able to implement solutions and new technologies belonging to it more effectively.

Companies of the capital group
Years of experience
Years of work on the project
To be obtained under EU subsidies

Synergy of the world of science and business

In its assumptions, the International Accelerator of Telemedicine Technologies has finally achieved what the telemedicine market has been struggling with for decades – it has created an interdisciplinary team of scientists, lawyers, advisers and representatives of the business world to work on developing revolutionary solutions on a global scale combining medicine and modern technologies. The representatives of the accelerator together with the MediHash project are the winners of the prestigious international event Finance World Expo Switzerland in the category “Best Startup Project” and the winners of the event “Przedsiębiorstwo Przysłości 2019”
Satellite projects

We run numerous technological projects commercialized by the Accelerator.

Risk diversification

We obtain funds not only as part of ICO projects, but also from conventional sources.

Creative ideas

Our motto is creativity in project management. We use market trends.

Unique token

Thanks to the cooperation with the pioneers of programming, we have created a token that has an interesting concept of deposits, lockups, utility and the Bounty program.


We want to protect the buyers of MDH tokens, which is why we have introduced security solutions to ensure exchange rate liquidity, decision-making in the company and increase the value of tokens.

Artificial intelligence

Thanks to cooperation with specialists in the field of machine training, we introduce AI to telemedicine technologies and the world of crypto.

See promotional material

We invite you to read the interview on the direction of telemedicine development and the participation of the International Accelerator of Telemedicine Technologies in the process of creating the telemedicine market.

Our mission

The accelerator is an entity created as part of a consortium of many natural persons and entities, such as the Polish Institute of Medical Expertise or the Polish Society of Telemedicine and E-health. The members of the consortium, thanks to their many years of experience, are the authors of telemedicine solutions, including revolutionary ones on a global scale.


Blockchain technology as a security solution


Artificial intelligence for diagnostic purposes


Mobile technologies facilitating access to health services

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