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O Tokenie MDH

Cryptocurrency dedicated to the telemedicine industry
Telemedicoin Token (MDH)

In order to diversify the capital structure and ensure an appropriate own contribution to the co-financed project, the International Accelerator of Telemedicine Technologies will issue the Telemedicoin cryptocurrency. The company is a beneficiary of the European research and development fund.

Telemedicoin is available on the Pro Coin Market platform, the issue of cryptocurrencies begins next year

Pre-order price for 1 token: $ 0.24
Price for 1 token on the day of the debut: 0.48 USD
Hard cap: 20,000,000 (USD)
Initial amount of tokens: 100,000,000
Maximum number of tokens: 100,000,000
Token type: ERC-20
Pairs supporting the sale of the token: MDH / BTC, MDH / ETH
Issuing entity: International Accelerator Of Telemedicine Technologies Sp. z o.o.

The token will have an adapted innovative deposit model for clients and the possibility of conventional (paper) sales thanks to the use of the Uniswap exchange.

Deposits and Lock’ups
Because safety matters
What is the concept of deposits?

Compensation of interest to holders of individual MDHs. In Telemedicoin, the smart contract is responsible for calculating the interest according to the applicable model based on a multiplier, which approximately allows you to receive an additional 5% of tokens annually on the base value. So we can set up an MDH deposit with an interest bearing the above-mentioned estimated value. Deposits do not have a fixed interest rate in order to prevent generating inflation, therefore the adopted multiplier will cease with time increase, leaving a constant amount of tokens that will not be regenerated. Moreover, MDH, by implementing deposits using the multiplier, does not increase the global value of Total Supply, but only the amount available on private wallets. The increase in the amount of MDH occurs automatically every 7 days and throughout the year it reaches a value of between 4.5% and 5.5%

What is the concept of lock’ups?

The second role of MDH smart contract is to ensure exchange rate fluidity during listing thanks to the use of the function of blocking the sale of tokens in the smart contract for a period of 12 months. Thanks to the generation of mirror tokens, it is possible to buy and sell MDH in free circulation during the current presale.

Co-founder, CEO of Telemedicoin with the MDH token
Adam Mucha

“As the chairman of the Center for Technological and Social Initiatives, I have been dealing with the analysis of innovative projects, Startups and social ventures for years. Taking over as the president of the Polish Institute of Medical Expertise allowed me to look at the problems more broadly.
recipients of medical services in Poland and in the world. I’m convinced that the MediHash project and the creation of an entity dealing with the implementation of many, so far unused patents, programs and telemedicine solutions thanks to modern forms of financing, will enable a change in the image of the telemedicine market (in fact one of the most promising on a global scale) and its intensive development in Poland and abroad “

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The Telemedicoin project is a dynamically developing concept that brings together many specialists and numerous solutions. Therefore, in order to ensure smooth implementation, we are looking for key investors, thanks to which the project will be able to develop at a pace that will maximize the effects on the market.

If you are involved in creating smart contracts or are a blockchain architect, please contact us! By working with us, you can be sure that you are taking part in an international project that will enable you to gain new skills and perspectives.

Our project is related to machine training, among others deep learning. Therefore, we are looking for neural network architects, thanks to whom we will be able to improve the systems of early forecasting of potential risk of disease and other modules related to the applications distributed by the accelerator.

We are currently at the stage of presale of the MDH token serving as a means of payment and a means of diversifying the financing of the entire project. Thanks to tokenization, we will be able to obtain flexible financial resources as a contribution to the project. In order to successively realize this, we cooperate with reliable marketing and PR specialists in such a narrow field as ICO. If you feel like a specialist in this industry, please contact us! We will agree on terms attractive to the parties.