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Przeczytaj o flagowej aplikacji projektu - MediHash System

he main project of the Accelerator – The solution that
will introduce the telemedicine market into a new era.
A comprehensive platform integrated with the network in
blockchain technology enabling unlimited and
decentralized information exchange between patients
and medical entities. Adapted artificial
intelligence also creates an independent, estimated
diagnosis of the potential risk of developing the disease
based on the obtained anonymous data. Application
it will also be used in mobile therapy
behavioral developed thanks to the obtained
co-financing from the EU.

“The use of publicly available databases containing anonymous genetic data in training the neural networks of the MediHash project may be a critical solution for the development of modern medical services”

Kornelia Polok
Professor of Genetics, expert of the European Commission in the field of biology

The three pillars of the application
Blockchain pillar

Thanks to the application, the patient will be able to register with one click of a button on the phone in a medical facility of his choice that uses the system.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence – neural network processing a large number of anonymous
data categorized into short codes, will create repetitive patterns (patterns) that will allow patients to be alerted to potential

Mobile therapy

We have started work on constructing a medically confirmed remote (telemedicine) psychological therapy aimed at treating civilization diseases such as stress, procrastination (laziness), anxiety states,

The use of the Medihash system in the event of an epidemic threat on the example of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ability to dynamically manage the MediHash system allows you to:

  • Extending data processing with the consent of the interested parties
  • Epidemic risk assessment in selected areas
  • Government instant epidemic alerts and
    medical partners, both for patients and institutions
    medical, individually tailored for everyone
  • Additional support for emergency services in the event of
    saving people at increased risk of falling ill
    Hierarchical availability of services, including including exercise
    laboratory tests
  • Access to medical equipment for most facilities
    at risk, including reservation of supplies in time
  • Analysis of the possibility of new disease outbreaks
    on the basis of ordered micropayments and additional ones
  • Coordinating the activities of branches in selected locations
  • Digital documentation replacement, which it ensures
    less risk of infection for the doctor and patient
  • Efficient disposal of contaminated supplies
  • Increased team efficiency and smooth migration
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