We are proud to announce MediHash the Winner of the Category - The Best Start-up Project of Finance World Expo Zug Summit 2019.


In connection with the implemented project, we have already received EU funding for research. The value of eligible expenses is over EUR 100,000.  The project called „Mobile applications in behavioral therapy” has been positively examined by the Polish institution organizing the competition for co-financing.


Together we create the future

Mobile systems, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology in medicine.

MediHash application is a comprehensive medical platform integrated with the network in blockchain technology allowing for unlimited and decentralized exchange of information between patients and medical institutions. Trained neural networks may independently give diagnosis based on directly obtained anonymized data, whereas blockchain technology is the key in provision of absolute decentralization and safety. The application will also be used in mobile behavioral therapy established in consultation with renowned specialists in many medical disciplines. 

During the MediHash project, the concept of creating an entity aimed at acceleration / support in the market implementation of telemedicine applications, which until now remained in the proof of concept phase or even with the existing MVP (minimal ready to market in the product), was born. Thanks to the cooperation with our institutional partner, an opportunity to assimilate applications dedicated to the health-oriented services sector to obtain finalization or implementation of financing and to coordinate their commercialization has emerged. Such a venture would be possible only with the cooperation of many significant entities.

Remote registration in a medical institution

Data base of medications and supplements

Electronic prescription

Import/export of medical documentation

Mobile behavioral therapy

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MediHash application based onblockchain technology is an innovation in the e-Health area. Registration in the outpatient clinic with just one click. Possibility of the remote treatment of civilization diseases and unlimited, mobile exchange of information between the patient and any medical institution.

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System architecture

Scheme of data circulation and a schematic diagram of the planned application modules.

"The usage of a neural network, with Big Data analysis function, adapted to the MediHash system, may be a solution that would help in the diagnosis of genetic diseases. "
Kornelia Polok
Prof. in Genetics, expert of the European Commission in the area of Life Sciences



Adam Mucha


Originator of the project, president of the Polish Institute of Medical Expertise and Acta Medica Sp. z o.o. Data protection officer in many companies, chairman of the association Centre of Technological and Social Initiatives, administration manager in the legal and accounting office. Leader of numerous projects co-financed by the European funds and supporter of NGO organizations established by himself.

Karol Gurtat


Co-originator of the project. Co-founder of the Polish Institute of Medical Expertise. Vice-president and chief executive officer of the Compensatory Office Amicus Sp. z o.o. President of the legal and accounting office Gestor Sp. z o.o. President of the Legal Aid Foundation Amicus dealing with social projects within the propagation of civil rights. Experienced in the management of the projects co-financed by the European funds. Managing director in a number of financial institutions.

Wojciech Glinkowski

Coordinator PhD Associate Professor 

In the project he is responsible for the coordination of research works on telemedical solutions. President of the Polish Telemedicine Society. Head of the IT medicine and telemedicine institute of the Medical University of Warsaw, the head and the leader of the Centre of the TeleOrtho – Telediagnostics perfection and treatment of injuries and illnesses of motor apparatus at the Medical University of Warsaw.

Roman Kowal

Coordinator PhD

PhD in Medicine. In the project he is responsible for the coordination of research works on telemedical solutions. Co-founder of the NovaMedic clinic, specialist in traumatic and orthopaedic surgery and medical rehabilitation. Member of the Polish society of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. Member of the Commission of Education Effects of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Physical Culture of Kazimierz Pulaski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom.

Zbigniew Kotwica

Coordinator PhD Associate Professor 

Experienced specialist with professional and scientific qualifications having the supervisory influence on diagnostics and treatment of patients in the institutions with the best references. In the project he is responsible for the supervision of the research works on neural networks. PhD in medicine, associate professor of the University of Technology and Humanities. European and Polish specialization in neurosurgery. Author of numerous research works among others in the field of telemedicine.

Elżbieta Kowal

Coordinator Phd

PhD in medicine, physician, neurologist, holder of the certificate no. 209 issued by the Polish Society of Clinical Neurophysiology. Author of numerous research works including works about EEG Biofeedback therapy. In the project she is responsible for the coordination of research works connected with behavioural therapy.

Michał Klima

Chief Legal Officer

Legal counsel, member of the Warsaw Bar Association, He has managed the processes in the largest joint-stock companies in Poland.

Artur Gębicz

CFE, CDFE, ISO 2701, ISO 22301  Advisor

Manager with over 20 years of experience in performing IT and (cyber)security audits in international companies from the financial and telecommunications sectors. A mathematician who graduated from Poznań University of Technology, he is keen on looking for anomalies in data and "hidden truths". In the project, he advises co-workers on assuring the data quality and security of collected and used data, Mr. Artur Gebicz owns recognized the international certificates in the fraud prevention/detection (CFE), computer forensics (CDFE), ISO27001 (information security management) and ISO22301 (business continuity management).

Monika Kaczmarzyk

Chief Accounting Officer

Chief accountant of the project. Member of the Accountants Association in Poland. Co-founder of the association Centre of Technological and Social Initiatives. As a European Funds and Analyses Specialist, she has acquired co-founding from aid funds for the benefit of numerous entities such as: Warsaw Bar Association. Currently she is a chief accountant in many companies.

Paweł Kurnik


An entrepreneur with 30 years of experience. As an apprentice he has passed all levels of professional and social ladder. He has experience in creating and implementing projects. Based on his own marketing and business experience, he developed the so-called Business Cost Optimization project. President and owner of accounting offices in Poland and England. Originator and creator of TAXCOIN project.

Dawid Kustra


Dawid Kustra for 5 years held the position of Managing Director, Foreign Markets Department in IDMSA – public listed and one of the largest investment banking brokerage house in Poland, when he acted as a strategic decision maker in the development of both forex and asset management services. Dawid Kustra was responsible for Sales team and Dealing Room Department.

Łukasz Paszkiewicz


Mr Paszkiewicz graduated from Law and Economics Science at Warsaw University and Center for American Studies at University of Florida, Levin College of Law. He began his professional career as a lawyer in Weil, Gotshal and Manges. In 2001 he won Vontobel Prize and was a scholar of Vontobel Bank AG in Zurich.

Initial Exchange Offering

In the purpose of diversification of the project financing source, as well as the provision of appropriate own contribution to the subsidized project, the International Accelerator Of Telemedicine Technologies will issue a Telemedicoin cryptocurrency within the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).  Telemedicoin seeks to be fully transparent in all its financial dealings. A measured release of tokens will give Telemedicoin the opportunity to grow and increase in influence. Telemedicoin will issue a total of 100,000,000 tokens. No additional tokens will ever be generated.  We established the number of tokens on the basis of the calculations of the actual project requirements. 40% of the total amount of tokens created will be available during the IEO. 25% of the tokens will be assigned to an internal Reserve fund, in order to create a deposit of locked tokens that will be used for future financing, to expand the business worldwide beyond European countries. 15% of the tokens will go to our Partners as a remuneration for their support to our business. Management include tax, accounting, legal, strategic, marketing and other partners

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